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Have you been the victim of failed vocational rehabilitation services in the State of California?

All persons possessing a portion of power ought to be strongly and awfully impressed with an idea that they act in trust, and that they are to account for their conduct in that trust to the one great Master, Author, and Founder of society.

     Edmund Burke
     Reflections on the Revolution in France, 1790.

August 2004 Update:

This website was established in 1998 to bring to public attention problems associated with Department of Rehabilitation services in the State of California. In particular, we have called to public attention what we believe to have been the mismanagement of the Whittier, California Department of Rehabilitation office under the supervision of Ms. Debra Graham and the misfeasance of former acting district administrator, Mr. John Geisbauer.

Over the past six years, numerous messages and postings have validated our belief that failed vocational rehabilitation services may be the norm, and not the exception, in the State of California.

Much has changed in the State of California since 1998. The State’s monumental budget crisis is bringing close scrutiny to many social programs. And the State’s new Governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger, has no qualms about examining the effectiveness of State programs. To wit Governor Schwarzenegger initiated the California Performance Review. It is imperative that you provide the Governor with feedback concerning your experiences with rehabilitation services in the State of California.

This is a time for change. This is our time to act! Please read on…


The State of California’s postwar population boom ushered in an era of progressive social programs unparalleled in the United States. The Lanterman Act, for example, represents the “emancipation proclamation” for developmentally disabled residents of California; this legislation has been a bellwether for disability rights movements around the World.

An unfortunate consequence of California’s progressive social climate has been the growth of an enormous, ineffective and bloated social welfare bureaucracy. This bureaucracy has not been held accountable to the people it serves nor to the State’s taxpayers; they have lost sight of their original mission to serve the people of California. Worse yet, this bureaucracy has frequently treated its clients with derision and contempt.

This bloated social welfare bureaucracy has spawned an industry of private vendors that supposedly provide services for clients. For example, in the case of the Department of Rehabilitation numerous “job development” vendors have emerged that are supposed to assist clients in finding suitable employment. These vendors, however, recognize that their profit comes from “development,” not “jobs.” All too often clients are led on interminable searches for jobs that never materialize—while the vendor continues to feed at the public trough.

Based on feedback received over the past six years, we believe that an audit of services provided by the Department of Rehabilitation would reveal that the vast majority of clients did not achieve their service goals or expectations. We believe that the primary beneficiaries of taxpayer funds have been employees of the Department and private vendors.

Today’s fiscal crisis combined with a Governor committed to efficiency and accountability provides us with a unique opportunity to change this system.

What You Can Do

First and foremost, you need to make Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger aware of your experiences. Contact the Governor at:

     Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger
     State Capitol Building
     Sacramento, CA 95814
     Phone: 916-445-2841
     Fax: 916-445-4633
     To send an Electronic Mail please visit:

Contact the Governor’s California Performance Review Committee at:


Problems related to the Department of Rehabilitation should be addressed to:

     Dr. Catherine Campisi, Director
     Department of Rehabilitation
     2000 Evergreen Street
     P. O. Box 944222
     Sacramento, CA 95815-3832

Problems related to the Whittier, California office of the Department of Rehabilitation should be addressed to:

     June Kuehn
     District Administrator
     Department of Rehabilitation
     222 S. Harbor Blvd., #300
     Anaheim CA 92805


We are pleased to report that since this website was established in 1998, Mr. John Geisbauer was not appointed as District Administrator and has subsequently left the Department. During his short tenure as acting District Administrator, we believe that Mr. Geisbauer failed to hold his supervisors accountable for client services and failed to address due process complaints as required by law.

We are sad to report that Ms. Debra Graham remains as supervisor of the Whittier, California office. Department insiders tell us that Ms. Graham, who has worked for the Department for over twenty years, will likely serve out her remaining days in her current position. We very strongly urge clients to avoid using this office (you have the right to seek services from any Department of Rehabilitation office). If you do have any dealings with the Whittier office you should protect yourself by documenting all communications and having a witness present during any meetings.